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Ideas for Marketing Small Businesses

Small businesses have many advantages when it comes to marketing. Many people enjoy "shopping local," so it is often possible to reach these people in exciting, new ways. While price points in small businesses are not always able to compete with larger corporations, the uniqueness of stock and personalization of service is a huge selling point for small business owners.

Social media

One of the most efficient and cheapest ways of marketing a small business is through social media markets. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular. These mediums allow the small business owner or a member of the staff to regularly post updates. If the small business is a clothing store, they can post pictures of new clothes or advertise sales. If the small business is a hair salon, they can ask "fans" to share pictures of their new haircuts or advertise special promotions. Engaging the followers helps them feel connected to the store or business in a way that many larger stores are unable to achieve.

Cross promotion

Cross promotion with other businesses is a great way for small businesses to market themselves. For example, a taxi service might offer a deal to attendees of an event in exchange for the event promoters to include their logo and information in all promotional materials. A shoe store might cross promote with a clothing store to help buyers "complete their outfits."

Small businesses have many options in marketing their businesses. While it is potentially difficult, finding a niche, getting to know your customers through social media and cross promotion all can help greatly.